Supervision and Consultation

My supervision philosophy is drawn from my mentors, Liv Estrup and Rita Resnick (link to their article on clinical supervision).  They believe that supervision is the foundation of clinical development, and one of the most important and influential processes in the personal and professional growth of a clinician.

My goal is to apply a developmental model of supervision to help you with the following tasks: understand your clients, be aware of your reactions to the client, apply your theoretical lens to the therapy, evaluate your interventions, and explore multiple modalities of working. I will support you, validate you, and challenge you.  If you are in private practice, I will also help you with your business and administrative responsibilities.

I see supervision as I see therapy - a collaborative process in which we learn about the client, each other, and ourselves.

Our relationship I ask supervisees to record their sessions and bring clips, comments, and questions to explore together at each supervision session.

Together in supervision, we will address:

  1. Theories of psychotherapy and theories of change - what theories are you applying and learning? If I am not knowledgeable about your orientation, we can examine if I will learn alongside you or if another supervisor is a good fit.
  2. Professional ethical, legal, and regulatory considerations
  3. Business administration (as relevant) - progress notes, recording keeping, continuing education, training in specialties or areas of interest,
  4. Personality functioning and needs of the client
  5. Personality functioning and needs of the therapist
  6. Assessment, Evaluation, Diagnosis and treatment plans
  7. Therapist/supervisor relationship including subdomain of evaluation and feedback
  8. Client/therapist relationship
  9. Competency addressing the contextual needs of the client including diversity, identity, and safety


If you are interested in working together for supervision or consultation, please reach out so that we can talk more about how I might be a good fit for your needs.