Couples Financial Counseling



Are you newly coupled and looking for support in how to merge finances and plan for the future together?

Or, perhaps you have been partnered for many years but want help navigating difficult financial conversations that you have long avoided?


Money can evoke strong reactions of shame, guilt, and fear; many spouses have dramatically different values about how money should be spent and how money should be managed.  This can create conflict and stress in both everyday decisions like buying groceries to bigger decisions like buying a car or home.


Whether you are looking for help establishing a shared financial framework, or help working together towards a long term goal like saving for retirement, I apply my financial background (as an accountant, CFO, and actuarial student) and my counseling skills (as a licensed mental health counselor associate with a masters degree in psychology) to support you to reach your goals. 


A former client said she wanted people to know:


"Evonne’s insights, perspective, and expertise cannot be overstated, especially for anyone who is grappling with big financial decisions. When these decisions don’t come easy and are bundled with other emotional issues, her understanding and guidance makes her your best ally."


Please contact me for a phone consultation to see if my services are the right fit for your needs.